The 6th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) to be held on June 2-5, 2019 in Hong Kong. The WCRI is the largest and most significant international conference on research integrity. It has given researchers, teachers, funding agencies, government officials, journal editors, senior administrators, and research students opportunities to share experiences and to discuss and promote integrity in research. The conference is now a biennial event, and the University of Hong Kong and RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia are proud to co-organize the next world conference.


2018 Cochrane-REWARD prize

We are looking for those currently: entries for the 2018 Cochrane-REWARD prize are still open (until the 15th of May). Nominations will be assessed against 4 criteria: (1) addresses at least one of the 5 stages of research waste (questions, design, conduct, publication, reporting) in the area of health; (2) pilot or more definitive data showing the initiative can lower waste; (3) The initiative can be scaled up; and (4) the estimated potential reduction in research waste that the initiative might achieve. The prize will be presented at the annual Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh (15-18 September).


Rigour mortis: how bad research is killing science

On 26th May 2014, Prof. Malcolm Macleod gave his inaugural lecture at the University of Edinburgh entitled “Rigour mortis: how bad research is killing science”.

A link to the lecture has been posted on the Video page, and the lecture slides uploaded on the Presentations page.


Waste in medical academia must be addressed, Chalmers urges in The BMJ Awards acceptance speech

On 8th May 2014, Iain Chalmers, one of the authors of the Lancet series, was presented with the 2014 GSK Lifetime Achievement Award during the BMJ Awards ceremony in London. This award is given to a doctor who has made an outstanding contribution to improving health or healthcare in the UK. It highlights Chalmer’s lifetime commitment to perfect evidence based medicine and improve clinical practice. During his acceptance speech, he said that “medical academia is wasting ‘massive’ amounts of taxpayers’ money, and the public must put it under pressure to change”. He also commended GSK for being the first global company to sign up to the AllTrials campaign and praised the good “moral leadership” of the BMJ on this matter.

Iain Chalmers is a British health services researcher, a founder of the Cochrane Collaboration and coordinator of the James Lind initiative.


Videos from symposium on the Lancet series online

Videos from the DH Symposium on the Lancet Series on Research are now online at


Interview with Paul Glasziou


Accompanying the 2014 series on research in The Lancet is an interview and podcast with Paul Glasziou, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at Bond University, Australia. He is a key figure behind The Lancet Series and lead author of one of the articles.

In the interview, Paul Glasziou comments on the background work that led to the series, the future of systematic reviews, and his interest in non-drug research, over-diagnosis and over-detection.

In the podcast he additionally talks about the AllTrials campaign and the importance to register and report all clinical trials.

You can read the complete interview here and and access the podcast here.

(Photo © Paul Glasziou/Les Irwig)