Reducing waste in preclinical research through better mouse studies

Increasing value and reducing waste in research has to start at the pre-clinical stage, with high quality animal studies and well-characterised mouse models of disease. Steve Perrin provides recommendations for researchers to “make mouse studies work” in a comment in

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Videos from symposium on the Lancet series online

Videos from the DH Symposium on the Lancet Series on Research are now online at

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Interview with Paul Glasziou

Accompanying the 2014 series on research in The Lancet is an interview and podcast with Paul Glasziou, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at Bond University, Australia. He is a key figure behind The Lancet Series and lead author of one of

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Increasing value, reducing waste

Welcome to This website was created to promote the issues raised in a series of articles on research published in early 2014 in the leading medical journal The Lancet.  The website aims to be a platform to share and

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